Friday, October 08, 2004

yes, it's a parody

But it's kind of enjoyable to see that there are people who thought it was a Malkin fan's real thoughts.

I plan on continuing to post here, although I expect it will continue to be a burden to sound as dull-minded and ideologically deranged as Malkin herself.

Michelle for president! Set a course for the sun! Round up the ethnics!

we are winning the war of ideas

It is funny on her Web Site Michelle has not said anything about putting ethnics into camps for a while now. I get very worried because what if she is not going to say it anymore, then who will say that we should put Muslims and Japanese and other Races into camps?

But I have been thinking, because I have a lot of time when I do my Security Profession during the night time. It is like when you need gas, how you can put in a hose into a gas tank and get it. You have to use your Mouth for the hose to start making gas come out, but then once the gas is flowing then you do not have to keep making it come out, now it is just flowing!

Michelle does not talk about it any more, about the camps for people who are not really American all the way like she says, but alot of people are talking about it now! It is like how John Leo put the information about having camps for ethnics right into a big magazine, U.S. News and World Report!

A friend brought that Magazine to a meeting I go to of an Organization that has meetings to talk about Race Issues, and we were all amazed, now the ideas we have had for along time about rounding up the ethnics they are right out in the Big Magazines! Michelle does not have to talk about it now alot of people are talking about it. She got it flowing, and now she does not have to do anything for her ideas to keep coming out!

We should all say Thank You to the U.S. News and World Report Magazine for letting there be a story about how we should consider having the ethnic camps, and for not letting the politically correct Professors to say different. Our ideas have been under ground for along time, now there coming up into the light, thank you John Leo!

But really Thank You to Michelle for making it start. When we roundup the ethnics for the camps, we will all say Thank You to her for making America like it used to be in the Old Days of Nathan Bedford Forrest and other Great Americans!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

politically correct words

Somebody in one of the comments below used the term "African-American," well, like Michelle has shown, that term is wrong. It's like how she points out that so-called "Japanese-Americans" even though they were born here and were supposedly "citizens," really they were ETHNIC JAPANESE, and not loyal to America but loyal to Japan instead because of there ethnic loyalty.

I think that is a very good term, "ehtnic Japanese," and we should use it more than for Japanese! The truth that Michelle has helped me to see is that black people are really ETHNIC AFRICANS, now think about it, do you think there loyalty is to AMERICA or to AFRICA! Its just like Michelle says about the ethnic Japanese, just because they were citizens and born here does not mean that they were loyal. I know that politically correct people will not like this but it is LOGIC so get used to it!

The great thing is that I have been thinking about this for a long time, and Michelle helped me to see how people's ethnic-ness and there loyalty go together. If you believe in what Michelle says, from now on you have to say it right, "ethnic African."

Michelle is giving us words we can use to say things that alot of us have wanted to say for a long time. People like me have a lot of respect for her.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Write to your Congressman, unless he is an Anti-Government Liberal

One thing that Michelle says in her book that I love and is really smart is that the Government "should not hesitate to bring charges against Muslims it suspects of disloyalty, even if those charges sometimes have to be dropped for lack of unclassified evidence, as in the highly publicized case of U.S. Army Muslim chaplain Captain James Yee." She says this on page one hundred fifty four, if you want to read it your self.

That part about the evidence really is a big problem! But then she figures out how to solve it! On page one hundred fifty nine she talks about making special courts for the disloyalty trials where "the defendant and his or her lawyer would not be allowed to view certain evidence."

I think this is a REALLY great idea! Loyalty trials are a good way of making sure Muslims and others are not going to attack Americans, and telling them what the evidence is is just a good way for them to get off with a tecnicality! We should have a lot of loyalty trials and not show the people who are on trial the evidence. It is great to hear a Conservative saying this. Alot of Liberals are very against the Government, and that is wrong. Only Conservatives are for a much bigger Government with alot more power. This is what we learn from reading Michelle Malkin. It is very Leftist and politically correct to be against more Government.

Anyhow, I have been thinking about Michelle's plan for disloyalty trials with secret evidence alot, and I think that we should do the loyalty trials for numerous types of person, rather than just trying to go after one Muslim at a time. It is very dangerous to have disloyal Muslims and others working in factories and businesses and airports and so on where they can sabotage things, so we should have loyalty trials for industrial jobs first, people like Engineer's. We can also have them for General's in the Military, so they don't have us fight so we lose. Also Politicians. And if you think about it Doctor's are also in a position to really hurt America by getting every body sick, so I think that we should have a Doctor's Trial.

That is a good idea, that Michelle said! I want to know why no one has thought of this before? Let's be good Conservatives like Michelle and get the loyalty trials going with the secret evidence, and make Michelle proud!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Huge new article from Michelle Malkin -- way to go, Michelle! The article talks about how Illegal Mexicans have been in physical contact with our Soldier's food supply! Here is what she says:

"On the same day of the presidential debate last week, alarming news broke in McAllen, TX., which underscores the illegal immigration/terrorism nexus. The feds have been investigating evidence from a high-level al Qaeda operative that the terrorists were planning to poison our military’s supply of MREs (meals ready-to-eat). In the course of the investigation, law enforcement officers initiated a sweep of a McAllen-area defense subcontractor, the Wornick Company, which produced MREs and had been an alleged target of al Qaeda.
Luckily, no signs of sabotage or terrorist infiltration were uncovered. But the place was crawling with illegals (mostly, but not all Mexican) who used falsified ID and employment forms."

Time to put the Mexicans and other non-Americans where they belong IN MEXICO! Where they can't hurt our Soldier's!

lets get it done!

Michelle Malkin says in her excellent book "In Defense of Internment" that its about time we made sure that America is safe because of 9/11. Especially she says that the Islamofascists should not be allowed to work for Government jobs. Good for her! That's the Truth, for a change! Don't like it? Well the wind is changing directions get used to it!

The thing that Michelle says that I really like (a long with a lot of other things!) is on page 154 of her book "In Defense of Internment" where she says that "it is of questionable wisdom to continue allowing Muslims to serve in the U.S. military in combat roles in the Middle East and to have access to classified information, except under extraordinary circumstances and after thorough background checks."

I think that Michelle Malkin is right that Government should not hire Muslims, for us to be safe! I have a lot of thoughts about how we can do that. I think we should go All The Way instead of half steps, and say that a Muslim can't be a citizen of the country. He can't have the right to vote and he can't hold a public office like Senator or Councilman. Also, I think that Muslims working for the government should be retired. But maybe Muslims who fought for the United States in another war can stay for a while, but not promoted! Also, we should not let the Muslims have Professor jobs in our colleges or Teacher jobs in Schools.

One problem is that some Muslims might try to say that they are not Muslims. One way to solve that problem is to say that a Person is a Muslim if three of his Grandparents were Muslim. That will keep a lot of people from slipping under the cracks, and help us to be safe.

Well, lets hear it! What do you think, Michelle Malkin fans?


This Web Site will be a place for Michelle Malkin fans to talk about the Great journalist and American Michelle Malkin. Her own Web Site does not have any "Comments" allowed, probably because of how the Academics and other Marxist/Anti-America individuals who would attack her there if she did have comments.

So come on and talk about Michelle Malkin! I am grateful that she Tells It Like It Is. That is not something that a lot of people do anymore. That is why America is in trouble. If we listen to what Michelle Malkin says, we will put the Illegals back in their own Country's, and keep the Muslims from working for the Government or living in Sensitive Areas! Politically correct people will hate it, but we will be safe for a change!